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Finding Your Way Around Web Hosting Coupon Codes

Finding Your Way Around Web Hosting Coupon Codes

Web HostingWeb hosting is a world of stiff competition, as new providers join in almost daily. No wonder there are plenty of promotions available for the customers. If you want to save money on your hosting plans, take advantage of these web hosting coupon codes now. The good news is that while promotions are getting generous and prices are getting lower, the features never stop improving. This is what you should look for in your next web hosting provider.

You can find web hosting coupon codes online. These are codes created and distributed by the web hosts to entice customers to try their services. You just need to enter these codes into a box on the checkout form to get a discount. The discounts vary, based on the host. You can find coupons with 5% to 10% off, or even some that are 100% off your first month of web hosting fees.

If you think about how hosting fees are paid every month, the discount from the coupon might seem like a small amount. However, the accumulated savings that you get from using the coupons for a few months will already be significant enough to possibly even get you a month’s worth of hosting fees. Instead of spending that money on your fees, you can spend it on getting more customers and increasing your sales.

If you find coupon codes that are only entered when you check out, make sure to double check if the deduction is shown on the final transaction.

There are other gimmicks involving web hosting coupon codes that you should be aware of. Some hosts offer a free trial. Hostgator is an excellent example by providing a 1 cent trial for its services. You just need to enter your coupon code when you sign up for the trial. Some web hosts offer a specific amount of money off the total hosting fees. It could be $10 or $50, depending on the web host. This means that the more you spend on web hosting services, the more money you save.

Some coupon codes offer a free domain name registration. This is a great coupon if you have availed of a less expensive hosting package, because domain name registration usually costs around $10 per year. You’re lucky if you can find coupons for more than one free registration.

Before you settle with coupons, make sure you know what kind of web hosting services your website needs. Then, look for web hosting services with great coupons that match those needs.…

A Review of HostPapa and Its Online Promo Codes

A Review of HostPapa and Its Online Promo Codes

hostpapa coupon

Entrusting your entire business, in the form of your website, into the hands of a web hosting company is a big deal. But you don’t need to worry about your website if you choose HostPapas hosting services. This is an award-winning web hosting provider based in Canada that offers affordable hosting solutions and online promo codes. But it’s more than just its low-priced services.

Hosting Plans

HostPapa offers unlimited disk space and data traffic. One web hosting plan can host up to 11 domain names. It also provides online selling tools and a free domain name that you can use for life. Their web hosting plans also provide multimedia and eCommerce features.

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HostPapa has among the most affordable web hosting packages in the industry, with their plans selling for as low as $4.95 per month. This is enough to host a small eCommerce website. Provided that you don’t consume too much disk space or receive excess traffic, you can conveniently host 11 domain names in one site without any problem. Given how you can enjoy one free domain for a lifetime, choosing HostPapa will give you more bang for your buck.

Customer Support

HostPapa offers round-the-clock customer support. You can call them or email them with your concerns or questions. Their human customer service will provide you the answers that you’re looking as early as possible. They are trained to give you troubleshooting answers, with their broad knowledge base.


The web hosting provider guarantees a 99.99% uptime. They use a Cisco network to ensure reliability and protection. The servers are top notch, offering superior services. They are backed up by power systems in the data center. HostPapa has invested in more than one data backup facilities. All the servers are monitored nonstop to immediately find the source of the issue and resolve it.


The Control Board is easy to use. Its efficiency facilitates your performance of various tasks. SohoLaunch can be used for free and can help you design a great website.
You can enjoy all these services from HostPapa once you sign up for an account and get it at a discount if you find online promo codes. Start looking for a valid one now!…

So Why do you Think it will be any Different on the Web?

So Why do you Think it will be any Different on the Web?

This is a very common problem. The point of this article is to explain the
benefits of adding an opt-in section to your Web site and show proof in the form
of a measured experiment the Conversion Chronicles ran with for 3 months that
the technique works. Adding opt-in is designed to help instill trust in the
visitor and trust ultimately is the key to improving online lead generation and
eventually closing the deal.

Don’t get mad just ask yourself why?

One recent subscriber to our Web site was furious with his design team
because the Web site they designed didn’t deliver any qualified leads or
customers. The problem was not the design or structure. The problem was the
copy, content and, most important of all, the total absence of any reason for a
visitor to become a qualified lead or prospect.

This is the main failing with most Web sites today. They can have good
service offerings or products, nice looking, up-to-date and functional Web
sites, but they expect the visitor to be instantly interested in the product or
service. So why is this expectation a bad thing? Isn’t that what a business Web
site is for, to showcase products and services?

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Let’s take a moment to think about that.

When you are about to make a major purchase and visit a store, a supermarket,
see an advert, or hear one on the radio, do you instantly get your cash out? Or
do you, like most sensible purchasers, shop around, look for the best deal,
scour the dailies, list all the alternatives from the yellow pages, and so on?

So why do you think it will be any different on the Web? In fact, it is often
more difficult to sell products and services on the Web than on any other media
because inherently people simply don’t trust you. And why should they? You could
be anyone who knows how to code HTML. Why should they trust you? On the Web
people are looking for information, it’s that simple. They want something that
will tell them how to solve their problem, whatever that may be. To turn their
problem into your opportunity, you need to help your visitors trust that you can
solve their problem. Most importantly, you need to get something in return such
as a name and an email address, so that you can begin to build a relationship
with them.

Direct online sales might work for a trusted source like Amazon or an online
pizza company with home delivery, but a Web site selling substantially priced
products or services will have great difficulty in making an instant sale.

So how do you combat this lack of trust?

It’s done by enticing your visitors to give you their email address and is a
technique The Conversion Chronicles has come to call Opt-in. It means that in
addition to having a professional looking and functional website, you provide a
powerful reason for visitors to give you their information. The information
could take the form of free reports, e-books which help to solve a problem, or
other useful information in audio or video format. Remember that you have to
work to get information from people in the real world, so why should it be any
different online? You have to produce quality information that qualifies them as
interested in your product or service and be something that people will want in
order for them to give you their details in return.

The proof is in the testing.

Over three months, The Conversion Chronicles ran an opt-in experiment in
order to prove to ourselves that it was worth the effort of producing this kind
of material and then give it away for free.

For the purposes of the experiment, we measured the conversion rate, which is
the number of subscriptions as a percentage of total visitors. The experiment
consisted of the following components.

  1. The PDF file
    Essential to the test was the Adobe PDF
    file. We wrote a short workbook to get people thinking about a Web site goal
    and objective. It gave readers a checklist to follow to make sure they had
    done the right things and, indeed, to raise awareness of what the right things
  2. An Online Form
    In order to get the PDF file the
    visitor was required to give us very limited information via a Web form. We
    only required a name and a valid e-mail address. Additional personal
    information (like phone number and Web address) was optional.
  3. A Link Test Cycle
    Whoa! Now it’s getting complicated!
    For the purposes of the test, we wrote a Web page that varied when and how the
    link to the form would appear and how it looked. The first version showed a
    blue link to the subscription form which said “Contact us for more
    information.” For the second version, instead of the contact message, we had a
    blue link to the form saying “Subscribe to receive our free Web Operations
    Management Guide.” For the third, we had an attractive, large graphic that
    said “Subscribe to receive our free Web Operations Management Guide” and had a
    picture of what the guide looked like. We then had the Web page cycle through
    each of these three links, one per week, consecutively over three months. Each
    of the links was displayed for a total of one month out of the three. This was
    designed to test the consistency of the conversion rate.

The results.

  • Version one: average 0% conversion.
  • Version two: average 5.1% conversion.
  • Version three: average 9.2% conversion.

For version one, zero, nil, nada conversions. Not one query in any of the 4
cycles from a total of 572 visitors.

For the second version, over the three month test we got only a few more
visitors, 601, but managed to entice 30 subscribers.

For version three, we got fewer total visitors, only 258, but managed to
entice more of them, 24 of 258 in fact. That was almost as many as we got from
less than half of the total visitors for version two.

The test shows three very important things:

First, that copy alone can make a great deal of difference.
The links in the first and second versions took visitors to exactly the same
form and did exactly the same thing. However, because one simply said “Contact
us for more information” and the other was an offer “Subscribe now and receive
our free Web Operations Guide,” the second was clicked through at a much higher

Second, that if you steer and persuade people, more of them
will respond. By being direct and using images which display the value of your
offer, and by asking them to do something specific, you improve the chances of
getting visitors to give you their information.

Third and most important, that offering something of
perceived value to your visitor produces significantly more qualified leads than
offering only a way to get more information.

The important point to remember is that your visitor has to find the free
content useful to remain a subscriber or prospect.

In summary, offering an opt-in is a tested method of generating qualified
leads or prospects but offering it alone is not enough. You have to be
persuasive with your copy or better still use persuasive images, and the
information has to be valuable to your visitor. Using the opt-in method will
help you to turn more of your visitors into prospects and leads, which leads to
the next question.

Are you doing this on your Web site? If not, why not?

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56k Modem Technologies

56k Modem Technologies

This document is intended to help users better understand what kind of
performance they can expect with 56k modems. It outlines what the
primary reasons for poor performance and connection problems are and
offers basic advice on what can be done to improve performance.

Why do some people have problems?

56k modem technologies (K56flex and X2) are relatively young and make
use of the telephone network in ways that it was not designed to be
used. As a result, 56k connections can only work in situations which
meet the criteria for these technologies. Because the phone networks
weren’t designed for this use, not everyone is capable of obtaining a 56k
connection. (Within this document a “56k connection” means a connection
greater than 33.6kbps using the K56flex or X2 protocol.)

In addition, because of the relative youth of the technology many
people will still encounter problems with 56k connections with only
slight imperfections in their phone line. This is due to the fact that
56k technologies are still very new. Constant improvements are being
made to the technology and in the future many of the problems that exist
now are expected to be solved. There are many versions of K56flex
firmware available to modem manufacturers. The firmware is the software
coded into the hardware on the modem, analogous to a program on a PC. As
problems are solved or improvements are made, newer versions of the
firmware are made available to modem manufacturers. Some choose to
implement them and some choose to wait.

What can be expected?

When evaluating 56k modem performance it is important to distinguish a
true problem from performance that doesn’t meet expectations. Generally
speaking, there are three types of performance being seen by the UltraNet
support staff.

The first type is a reliable 56k connection. Generally speaking, the
reliable connections fall into a speed range of 40-48k. This is the kind
of performance that is being seen at other ISPs around the country. 56k
connections do not necessarily mean 56k connects. It is a rare event for
anyone to get a connection higher than 50k and many people can not get
connections faster than 33.6. If you are getting a reliable connection
of 40-48k (or more) then you are probably getting the best performance
that you can see.

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Some users are experiencing frequent disconnections or connections
which seem to stall or lag frequently resulting in poor throughput.
These problems may be a result of phone lines that aren’t well suited to
56k connections or they may be a result of problems with the version of
firmware that the modem is using. Users experiencing this kind of
performance should first download the latest firmware upgrade from the
modem manufacturer. If the phone line has a hiss or static on it after a
number is dialed, then Bell Atlantic repair should be able to improve the
line quality, which may help with 56k connections as well.

There are some users who have 56k capable modems who are not able to
obtain connections faster than 28.8 or 33.6 at all. In these cases the
problem is most likely related to phone service. Users should upgrade
the firmware on their modems. However if this doesn’t improve things
then it is likely that the phone line in use is simply not able to
support 56k connections. A few of the reasons for a line not being able
to support 56k connections are:

  • Distance to the Central Office
  • Multiple analog-digital conversions between the customer site and
  • Poor wiring inside the location, or within the phone network

Authentication and Combatible Protocol Errors

Some users are reporting problems with authentication or negotiating
the PPP protocols after the modems connect. It is likely that in many of
these cases the problem is not truly with authentication or negotiating a
compatible set of protocols. It is more likely that the connection
established has poor quality or problems and causes the authentication or
protocol data to be mistransmitted resulting in the errors. If you are
experiencing any of the problems above then it is likely that this is the

Things to try

Below are some suggestions to either improve your performance. Many
involve issuing AT commands to your modem. This should be done with a
terminal program, such as Hyperterminal. In cases where AT commands
should be added to the init string for a modem, this can be done by
editing the login.cmd script in Trumpet Winsock, or in Win95 do:
properties on the Dial-Up Networking connection, click the configure
button at the bottom, connection tab, advanced button, then add the AT
command to the extra settings line. Note that AT command should be
strung all together with only one “AT” at the beginning. ATE0M0 should be
used and not ATE0ATM0, for example.


  • Check with your modem manufacturer to see if there is a firmware
    upgrade available here.
  • Issue the ATI3 command to your modem. This indicates the firmware
    version of your modem. If DSP is displayed somewhere in the version
    number, you have an old, problematic firmware level. Contact your modem
    manufacturer for a replacement.
  • Issue the ATI6 command to your modem. This indicates the data pump
    version. If it includes 47BA, then you have a known bad data pump. You
    should contact your modem manufacturer for a replacement.
  • Add the ATS202=32 command to your modem init string.
  • Last, see how it works if you disable K56flex by adding the
    AT+MS=11,0,9600,33600 command to your init string.


  • If your connection gets slower and slower as you stay connected, try
    adding ATS15=128 to your init string. If you still have problems, add
    AT&K0 as well.
  • Last, see how things work if you disable X2 by adding ATS32=34 to
    your init string. Note: If you have a USR/3Com Courier X2 modem you
    need to add ATS58=1 to disable X2.


More Info

For a list of firmware upgrades and where to download them visit here.

For the UltraNet 56K Help Center follow this link.

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Top 5 Phones To Watch Out In 2018

Top 5 Phones To Watch Out In 2018

Are you ready for the new phones to watch out in 2018?

This year has been one of the most competitive years for cellular companies. Renowned cellular companies such as Samsung and Apple launched their new models this year which made gadget lovers even more confused which one to buy.  Samsung launched their Samsung Galaxy S8 while Apple launched not just one, not just two, but three phones this year— the iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X.

Now that 2017 is about to end, what can we expect for the year 2018? What will be the hottest gadgets that every gadget lover must look forward to? Check out the list below:

1. Nokia 9

Nokia is back in the game! Will they be able to compete with other big android companies this time? Check this out!

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2. Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+

Yes, Samsung is going to release new two phones this 2018. What do you think will be its edge over Samsung 8 and S8? Check this out.

Other phones to watch out this 2018 are:

3. LG G7

4. Sony Xperia L1

5. Alcatel Flash

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Reasons Why Millennials Invest More in Gadgets

Reasons Why Millennials Invest More in Gadgets

Today’s generation, the millennial people are very attracted to the technology.  They love to travel and like to be in fashion trend. The thing that most of the millennial invest into is gadgets. Their goals are like having this phone, this tab, or even this kind of camera.

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With the help of the gadgets, the younger generation can express their selves freely. They can enjoy and can connect to the world with the aid of gadgets.


When they have gadgets, they can store and capture memories. For them, memories are to be kept and are worth to be invested. load more……



Every laptop user across the globe wishes to have a superb kind of laptop. Whether it is your Personal Computer or a computer used at work, you would agree that you want it to be as superb as those high end laptops around the world.  If the person using a laptop knows more about the product, I bet you would agree to the following:

 3 Wishes Laptop Users can relate to

  • Latest Processor

Who would not want a high end processor for your laptop right? High processor means fast working computer. I know you will not be happy if I will give you a Pentium processor given that the latest processor is too far from Pentium.

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  • Long Lasting Battery Life

How long would you wish your laptop will last? 5 hours? Big NO NO. If you are going to wish for a battery life of your laptop, then make this wish to its fullest.  How laptop users wish to have a laptop that would last a day or more. Everyone wishes to carry their laptops without the bother of bringing its charger for it will just add up to the weight they will carry.

  • Larger Storage Space

Files such as word document, pictures, music, movies are the example those data that are being kept and stored in each users’ laptop. As time passes by, the number of file stored gets higher and you may need to upgrade your storage to a larger one. 200GB is not in trend nowadays. Most of the laptops available come with 1TB hard disk drive.  click here for more……