Author: John L. Hendricks

Finding Your Way Around Web Hosting Coupon Codes

Web hosting is a world of stiff competition, as new providers join in almost daily. No wonder there are plenty of promotions available for the customers. If you want to save money on your hosting plans, take advantage of these web hosting coupon codes now. The good news is that while promotions are getting generous and prices are getting lower, the features never stop improving. This is what you should look for in your next web hosting provider. You can find web hosting coupon codes online. These are codes created and distributed by the web hosts to entice customers...

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A Review of HostPapa and Its Online Promo Codes

Entrusting your entire business, in the form of your website, into the hands of a web hosting company is a big deal. But you don’t need to worry about your website if you choose HostPapas hosting services. This is an award-winning web hosting provider based in Canada that offers affordable hosting solutions and online promo codes. But it’s more than just its low-priced services. Hosting Plans HostPapa offers unlimited disk space and data traffic. One web hosting plan can host up to 11 domain names. It also provides online selling tools and a free domain name that you can...

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So Why do you Think it will be any Different on the Web?

This is a very common problem. The point of this article is to explain the benefits of adding an opt-in section to your Web site and show proof in the form of a measured experiment the Conversion Chronicles ran with for 3 months that the technique works. Adding opt-in is designed to help instill trust in the visitor and trust ultimately is the key to improving online lead generation and eventually closing the deal. Don’t get mad just ask yourself why? One recent subscriber to our Web site was furious with his design team because the Web site they...

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56k Modem Technologies

This document is intended to help users better understand what kind of performance they can expect with 56k modems. It outlines what the primary reasons for poor performance and connection problems are and offers basic advice on what can be done to improve performance. Why do some people have problems? 56k modem technologies (K56flex and X2) are relatively young and make use of the telephone network in ways that it was not designed to be used. As a result, 56k connections can only work in situations which meet the criteria for these technologies. Because the phone networks weren’t designed...

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